Wall Systems

We specialises in structural walling installations. Following guidelines, our team of accomplished and professional tradesmen deliver the best of craftsmanship at accelerated times.

Ritek® XL Wall® can be used for all internal and external walls. The sanded surface is ready for direct setting by your finishing trades to a level four finish, this removes the cost and time to batten out and plaster line internal walls speeding project completion. Without battening out the Ritek® XL Wall®there’s an opportunity for increased floor space which could be sold for additional profit with the same overall building dimensions.

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Hi Tek Walls are a fully load-bearing shear wall system that can accommodate any building design, from residential homes to multi-level apartment blocks and commercial buildings. The walls evenly distribute the load of the building throughout the wall structure, allowing foundation costs to be significantly reduced.

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AFS Logicwall® is a permanent formwork system for internal and external
concrete walling. Its lightweight, sandwich panels are created by bonding durable fibre cement sheets to galvanised steel stud frames. Available in a variety of thicknesses to suit most architectural and engineering demands, logicwall® is ideal for multi-residential and myriad commercial applications.

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AFS Rediwall® is a permanent PVC formwork system. The extruded components, depending on the selected profile either simply snap or slide into place, automatically interconnecting for rapid assembly and achieve an attractive, low maintenance wall surface.

For more information, click here: AFS Rediwall®

Dincel Construction System is an internationally patented permanent polymer formwork for walls and columns, which when filled with ready mixed concrete, produces an economical, strong, durable structure. The system has been created and developed in Australia by professional engineers and is certified by the University of New South Wales and the CSIRO for waterproofing and fire rated properties.

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